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Nigerian Scam or Film Pitch?

Posted in Development by Noah Harlan on July 30, 2009

We have all received those Nigerian scam letters. “I am the step-daughter of the deposed general Mboko and I have 100 billion dollars which only you can help me invest…”

As a film producer I also receive a fair number of unsolicited query or pitch letters.

Usually it is clear which is which. Sometimes it is not. This one was forwarded to me by a friend:


From: <>
Date: 30 July 2009 11:44:03 AM
To: <>
Subject: Good afternoon.
Good afternoon,

Seeking investors for Independent films – $2 million dollar budget. Top stars are in consideration for the movie. Movie is completely original.

If interested, or know someone who might be, please respond to for information about producers and script samples. Respond with subject line “Movie Investment”

PLEASE, serious investors only. We will be pleased to have our lawyers meet with your team to establish credentials.


xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx (name withheld)
Associate Producer


I can’t wait to meet with their lawyers before reading the script!


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