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Nikki Finke & SAG Membership: Keeping It Classy

Posted in Rant by Noah Harlan on November 9, 2009

If you host a major online forum and if that is your sole job you are responsible for the type of discourse you allow in your comments.  Nikki Finke, the creator/author/editor of Deadline Hollywood Daily, moderates the comment section of her blog but she should be ashamed of what’s happening there today.

Today it was announced that Nick Counter, the longtime President of the Alliance of Motion PIcture & Television Producers (AMPTP), passed away at the age of 69 after a long illness. He is apparently survived by a wife and children. I should say that I did not know Nick Counter and his negotiations had little to do with what I do. I know that, as the person on the other side of big labor issues, Nick Counter was deeply disliked by a lot of people in Hollywood, particularly the SAG hard-liners. It is also important to note that Nikki is a longtime supporter of the most radical, hard-line elements within SAG.

Below is a selection of comments on her blog which she is allowing to be published under an entry ironically titled “R.I.P. Nick Counter“. While the views of blog commenters I don’t think should be attributed to the blog owner, the comments you allow to be published do reflect the level of discourse you endorse. It should also be noted that there are people in the comments chastising these people, but they appear to be few and Nikki is not one of them.

I will also note that I think these comments epitomize why SAG has been such a wildly ineffective union in its negotiations of late.

Scum bag. Thanks for ruining so many families. There is more to life than winning and big money – too late for you to understand that you POS. – Comment by TOOLATE

Hate to say it, as one should refrain from speaking ill of the dead but good riddance. This guy was human shit… – Comment by wideeyedraven

let him rot in hell. – Comment by couldn’t happen to a nicer guy

In lieu of flowers, it is requested that donations be sent to the WGA and SAG welfare funds… which has great need of it because of this greedy, fuck-wad asshole. Rot in hell, Nick… :) – Comment by Brian

So long asshole. – Comment by working actor #274

Burn in hell you piece of shit. – Comment by Hank Yablonski

Good luck on your first day of work, Nick… negotiating for Satan. – Comment by Al Taurus

Welcome to hell, Nick. – Comment by Satan’s Little Helper

Best wishes in your new job, Nick: running Hell. – Comment by wga writer

F**k Nick Counter. Glad he’s dead. Wish it had been sooner. – Comment by Dave

what a great way to start the day – Comment by thj

Okay, I’ll only say good of him.

It’s good that he’s dead. In fact, it was great of him. – Comment by anotyherwgamember [sic]


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