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Rule Of Unintended Consequences

Posted in Policy, Rant by Noah Harlan on January 14, 2010

There’s an old statistics joke about terrorism:

Q: How do you ensure there will not be a terrorist’s bomb on your plane?

A: Bring your own bomb! The odds that there are two bombs on a plane is so remote…

LifeHacker has a tip today on how to ensure your camera equipment flies safely to your destination. Pack a gun in the bag! Apparently if you pack a weapon (in this case, a starter pistol) and declare it then the TSA registers your bag and takes special precautions to track it. Result? Your bag gets personal attention and is certain to arrive. Very clever…

One more example of the absurd security theater that we are enacting. Eventually we’ll have to study how real airline security works but for the time being, we’ll keep doing the absurd.


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