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Replying All

Posted in Data Analysis, Technology by Noah Harlan on February 10, 2010

When email first became prevalent in the mid-90’s one of the first phenomena to appear was the nightmare of accidental listserving. Everyone had that story of the girl or guy who was telling a friend about an embarrassing late-night hook-up but accidentally sent the email to their whole class’ listserver and lived in shame for the remainder of their time at that academic institution.  Well the problem persists, particularly in the form of “reply all”.

Today, on the wonderful blog Flowing Data (if you’re into data viz then it’s a must read), Nathan Yau does a great map of one of these conversations gone horribly awry.  What ensues if a Kafka-esque tale told in Reply All (and a sad look at the California DOT’s technical unsophistication).  Enjoy:


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  1. Lorie said, on February 28, 2010 at 11:27 pm

    Wow, this just took me back to the years I worked for EDS in Washington, D.C. on an INS contract. Hilarious!

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