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What If I?

Posted in Policy by Noah Harlan on July 13, 2010

Roland Barthes in his book Camera Lucida described something called the punctum. The punctum is the element in a photograph that invites you into the world of the photo. The item that makes you ask questions. The example he uses to explain this concept is a photograph of Queen Victoria on a horse in a photo studio in her full regalia and holding the reigns of the horse is a stableboy. He is the punctum. You wonder who he is, what he was thinking, how he was picked for this honor.

The internet is an endless fount of questions. One of my favorite places to find these questions is Google’s auto-complete feature. For example, enter in “where is” to google and see what comes back:

Where is Chuck Norris, indeed…

So imagine my delight when my partner at Two Bulls, James, pointed out the Frequently Asked Questions page from the Chinese Embassy Visa Application site for Australia. Check out number 8 and remember that these are frequently asked questions…

How frequently are people organizing small acrobatic troupes to perform in China?

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