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A Sad Day At Ground Zero

Posted in Law, Policy, Rant by Noah Harlan on August 22, 2010

Hate-monger Pamela Geller conducted her disgusting rally against the Park 51 Islamic Center in Tribeca (it’s not at Ground Zero, so let’s be clear here, ok?).

The following occurred:

A man walks through the crowd at the Ground Zero protest and is mistaken as a Muslim. The crowd turns on him and confronts him. The man in the blue hard hat calls him a coward and tries to fight him. The tall man who I think was one of the organizers tried to get between the two men. Later I caught up with the man who’s name is Kenny. He is a Union carpenter who works at Ground Zero. We discussed what a scary moment that was for him. I told him that I hoped it did not ruin his day.

It’s hard to watch that scene and not think that it is not a far distance from that type of moment to Kristallnacht. This is not what America stands for. If Imam Rauf is forced to move Park 51 it will be a tragic day for the American experiment in freedom and tolerance. Listen to this story of Kristallnacht and, most importantly, listen to 7:30 in the video:

And here’s one more angle on that worker incident at the hate rally today:

Fuck you Pamela Geller for doing this. Fuck you Rupert Murdoch for supporting this. Fuck you Abe Foxman for supporting this. Fuck you Howard Dean for supporting this. Fuck you Charles Krauthammer for supporting this. Fuck you Newt Gingrich for supporting this. Fuck you Harry Reid for supporting this.

(ht: LittleGreenFootballs)


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