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Who Knows Business

Posted in Economy, Policy, Rant by Noah Harlan on February 20, 2011

This week President Obama decided to have a nice dinner in California with a number of America’s tech leaders. These the heads and founders of some of America’s most successful companies of the last ten years. We’re talking Steve Jobs (Apple), Larry Ellison (Oracle), Eric Schmidt (Google), Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), and Reed Hastings (Netflix), to name a few. For a little whose who, check out this nice pic from the White House and marked up by SearchEngineLand:

The San Francisco Chronicle accompanied their story about the dinner with a chart of the political giving of these masters of the tech universe. Take a look:

What do you see? Aside from the fact that we have to overlook Zuckerberg not giving during the last ten years because ten years ago he wasn’t old enough to vote…

I see that these drivers of the modern economy gave to Democrats 5-1/2 to 1 over Republicans. And it wasn’t swayed by one big donor. There wasn’t a single person at the table who had given to either party who hadn’t given more to Democrats than to Republicans.

With the Republican party selling out its soul to the anti-intellectual beating drum of Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann they still want to say they are the party of the future. But the future is here and the future doesn’t want to support them. They say we need to keep the top 1% of earners’ taxes from going up to help American industry. Well these people are the drivers of American industry, they are the top 1% (probably 1/100th of 1% for most of them), and they are not supporting the Republicans. I consider these people the smartest minds in America and it appears that they’ve spoken.


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