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Fixing Time Warner Cable Ubee Modem Connectivity Issues

Posted in Uncategorized by Noah Harlan on October 21, 2012

Recently we moved to a new apartment (first new place for me in 13 years!) and we moved our Time Warner Cable service. I would have loved to have been rid of them but, sadly, we need the data connection and FIOS isn’t an option (we moved to a Brownstone that hasn’t been wired yet). The guy came and hooked us up and replaced our previous modem with a combination modem/wifi router from Ubee. The thing looks totally Fisher Price and, frankly, was performing like crap. Connections were dropping. Pages were timing out. Browsers were hanging on “requesting page” or loading partially and then stalling out. I use a Time Capsule as our wifi router and that was connected to the Ubee via ethernet. I knew the Time Capsule was good (if you are having problems with your Airport base station roll it back to version 7.5.2, the 7.6 firmware is crap). So here’s how I fixed the problem:

  1. Log into the Ubee modem admin by going to with user/user as username/password.
  2. Browsing through the settings I discovered that the wifi was on and forming a network that I had told them not to do (so much for security) and I shut that off.
  3. The key thing though is that you want to change the mode from “Gateway” to “Bridge”. That makes the modem *just* a modem and not a router (it sucks as a router). All I want is the data connection and Bridge gives me that.
  4. Go into Airport Utility and set your base station to “DHCP and NAT”.

Voila! You’ll have a clean fast internet connection. I’m getting about 20Mbps down and 1.95Mbps up.


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